Criminal Law Services


Defense of all felony crimes including murder, vehicular manslaughter, DUI with injury, assault, firearms crimes, felony domestic violence, criminal threats, stalking, robbery/burglary/theft, drug trafficking, medical marijuana, fraud, child/elder abuse, sex crimes.


Defense of all misdemeanor crimes including DUI, domestic violence, drug possession, restraining order violations, suspended license, child neglect, resisting arrest

Juvenile Delinquency

Defense of all juvenile delinquency matters including vandalism, DUI, theft, assault, drug crimes, weapons possession, sex crimes, probation violation

2nd Amendment Law

California has some of the most gun owner unfriendly laws in the country and they are passing more of them every day. There are so many new anti-gun laws passed, you may not even know if you are in violation of them. If the government is infringing your 2nd Amendment rights, your personal attorney will fight back for you. Contact us if you have been charged with illegally: carrying a firearm, possessing an assault weapon, modifying a firearm, selling a firearm, storing a firearm, possessing a high capacity magazine, or any other firearm related charge.

criminal appeals

When a trial results in a conviction, there may be legal grounds to reverse the conviction. A criminal appeal is not, however, a do-over. The attorney must review the record of the trial to determine whether there is the potential of a winning legal argument that a higher court will determine merits a reversal and a new trial. Your personal attorney can evaluate the issues raised in the trial court and file any writ or appeal as needed in the appellate court.


If a person was placed on probation and successfully completed it, he or she can petition the court to have the conviction “expunged” from his or her record. The conviction will not be totally eliminated, but the expungement allows the person to apply for jobs and lawfully claim a clean criminal record.